our story

We design dinnerware that transcends cultures

our difference

What we make best for our products, we also make best for our consumers and our environment.

Our Footprints

countries that we
are distributing in.

World Placeholder
our mission

To produce the world’s best safest, and sustainable tableware

our vision

We make the world a more livable place, one dinnerware at a time

We make
responsible designs.

We put considerable effort into new products or new design development to ensure that we create designs that transcend time and trends. 

That is also why when it comes to conceptualizing ideas with our customers, we always come from ensuring that we design only what the customers need rather than what we think they want.

We keep our sustainability commitment.

Our dinnerware are not one-time use products and we are proud that it isn’t. We collaborate with our suppliers to research and develop new materials to make our dinnerware as durable and long-lasting as possible.

And for that commitment, Z moments tableware is shatter-proof and break-resistant compared to other materials and competitors.

We redefine
Speed to Market.

We do not seek to be the first in the market we distribute in, nor do we think we are the fastest in helping our customers conceptualize their ideas into final products.

Instead, we focus on bringing you through a seamless process from ideation to delivery. We will work on solving your ordering requirements such as new designs, importation documents and inspection requirements.

You focus on what you do best, and we will handle the rest.