Our Story

Zmoments is a top manufacturer of melamine tableware worldwide, starting from the Middle East, and expanding our operations towards the United States and Europe. Established in 2008, we provide high quality tableware to add that dash of elegance and versatility in style to your homes, for decorative or practical purposes.

The team behind Zmoments is nimble and dynamic, providing world-class personalized services for all your needs.

Our Products

Melamine is more than just a table-piece. Dinner conversations at the table need not be limited to compliments on the food, or on the ambience around us.

Our melamine wares are a touch point for communication, and an invitation to participate in each other’s lives. Through the gathering of people to share with and listen to one another, your family and guests are welcomed into the atmosphere of friendship, love and a common passion of community.

Melamine is a versatile material, capable of being customised and personalised to your liking. You can indulge in whimsical themes or refined collections that are sure to spark a conversation at the dinner table. Our assortment of themes available exude different kinds of vibes, from the homeliness of the countryside to the regal marches of royalty – you will definitely find something that suits your tastes.

Take the opportunity to receive – or give – the gift of harmonious living, to create the moments that will remain memorable for a long time.

The Factory

As Malaysia No.1 Melamine Ware Manufacturer, we employed more than 250 employees operating on more than 70 machines. Our highly mechanized and automating production processes allow us to achieve production excellence and comply with the ISO Standard 9001:2008.

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100% Melamine

We are committed to using only safe and food-grade raw materials in our manufacturing process to ensure the safe-usage and handling of our products.

Made In Malaysia

Zmoments is one of the largest Melamine Ware Manufacturer in Malaysia


We also provide our customers with innovative products and services that fully satisfy their requirements.